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...a powerful approach for making sure there are no gaps in executing your vision for leadership.
Find all the materials you need to host a successful BCE event—all ready to download!
Your decision to hire BCE as your consultant, trainer or speaker will be a worthwhile and timeless investment.
By Burnette Clingman
Insightful and thought-provoking interviews with world-class leaders who share their stories of how they discovered their greatness.

The world awaits your greatness! This book provides you the knowledge and practical techniques necessary to tap into your own unique talents, find your true purpose and become a powerful force in every aspect of your life.

Oh, the power of CONNECTIVITY!
BCE knows that the value in making great connections is not just in the pont of the connection itself. The power is in who and what you are connecting too and how strong the connection is!

Indiana University (IU) understands this type of power and it has been committed to connecting with the right people and opportunities across the world for decades, providing people with an ever-expanding range of educational opportunities. This is why BCE is so excited about our connection with this outstanding educational institution!


Susan Taylor
Chief Emeriti of
Essence Magazine
Burnette, my beautiful sister!

"Keep challenging all brothers and sisters, across the world, to rise to new levels of greatness. And remember, the rewards for your work are immeasurable."
Nido Qubein
Former President of the National Speakers Assoc.,
CEO of Creative Services,
President of High Point Univ.
"Burnette Clingman will help your team build bridges of understanding to assure peak performance."
Tavis Smiley
Author, Television and Radio Host
"Thanks to Burnette Clingman for being a guest on my show and presenter at the first Smiley Group's SuccessSoul conference in Chicago."
Colleen Barrett
President Emeritus
Southwest Airlines, Inc.
“Burnette brings a fresh new level of excitement and enthusiasm to Southwest Airlines corporate headquarters.”
Lorraine Daniels
President - The Georgia Community Action Association 
"Burnette always brings the right message to our association and she leaves us empowered and ready to take a new course of action!"  
  Julius "Dr. J" Erving
NBA Hall of Fame Inductee
  "Burnette has the ability to work with teams and help them connect with each other and understand the true purpose of the team's goals."