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Burnette Clingman Enterprises

Burnette Clingman Enterprises (BCE) is a consulting, training and speaking firm based in Dayton, Ohio. Corporations, not-for-profit
organizations and government agencies have all hired BCE for its content-rich, interactive training courses, motivational programs and keynote presentations.

BCE’s proven approaches and techniques will improve both your
day-to-day operations and workforce performance. Burnette Clingman, president of BCE, brings more than a decade of experience to BCE’s customized programming and consultation. The results? Higher productivity, cost savings, more dynamic and impactful leadership, savvier entrepreneurs, a positive reception to diversity, and employee empowerment.

Your customers demand answers and they demand them quickly and effortlessly. The leadership style you implement directly affects your employees’ efficiency and ability to serve customers, and the critical decisions you make today determine how satisfied your customers will be tomorrow.

BCE’s consultation starts with a thorough evaluation of your organization, people and customers—from every angle. Where there’s disconnection we know how to bridge the gap. The results? Clearly defined goals, and employees working in sync to make them happen.

As Management Consultants, BCE delivers real-time solutions for corporations and organizations
As Corporate Trainers, BCE helps individuals
become forward-thinking professionals, motivating them to achieve personal and professional
success and greatness.

As Professional Speakers, BCE has the ability to make your audience think in novel ways, laugh out loud and enjoy other professionals. Participants leave ready to take action that will create sound results!


Burnette, SoBran wants to thank you and your team for the outstanding performance in the assessment and analysis of Team SoBran... The manner in which all BCE's services were provided was an outstanding display of commitment in action. BCE's poise, energy, and professionalism was manifested in each element and action performed.

Amos Otis
...a powerful approach for making sure there are no gaps in executing your vision for leadership.
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"Chosen For Greatness"
along with other great books and CDs.
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Your decision to hire BCE as your consultant, trainer or speaker will be a worthwhile and timeless investment.