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BCE Hexagon Leadership Model
  •  Do your employees feel all areas of the organization fit together without gaps?
  •  Do you communicate that all areas of the organization are equally important to create sound results?
  •  Do you know how great your employees are?
Burnette Clingman offers these six steps to creating, clarifying and executing a mission:

1. Clarify the Vision
Emphasize end results that are understandable and explainable, especially when an individual or team is charged with accomplishing a vision they didn’t initially create. Then communicate your trust that they have the talent to transition this vision into action.

2. Build Solid Strategies
Specify the steps of the vision first. Strategies must be easy to identify, straightforward to implement and simple to evaluate.

3. Identify Practical Systems
Tailor efficient processes and procedures that are in sync with the deadline timeframe at hand. Influential leaders ensure employees operate within an environment that supports the right person doing the right job in the right way.

4. Guarantee Consistent Execution
Demonstrate a commitment to follow through on goals and objectives. This proves to employees you’re competent and indicates your knowledge about leadership principles and ethics.
5. Stress Tenacious Follow-up
Promote unrelenting check-ins, and acknowledge achievement of goals and objectives. This communicates to an individual or team that the vision at hand matters to you, and is valuable to the success of the company or organization.

6. Display Unshakeable Confidence

Convey self-assurance both verbally and nonverbally. Show people your willingness to handle obstacles that arise during execution of the vision. As a result, you establish yourself as a leader who overcomes challenges, and enables people to remain confident when times are tough.


Chase Bank
"I had heard of Burnette’s powerful skills on the platform and what she brings to an audience, so I came with high expectation. Burnette surpassed my expectation!"

Joey D. Williams
President of Chase, Dayton, OH
Rockwell Automation Group
"Burnette, your content was right on track and will improve both me and my team’s sales and customer service. You were amazingly thorough, highly informative, yet intimate."

Luke Peters
Manager of Sales and Service
Rockwell Automation Group
...a powerful approach for making sure there are no gaps in executing your vision for leadership.
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