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Meeting Planner's Support Materials
The following materials will ensure your BCE event is successful:

Needs Assessment Questionnaire
Completing this questionnaire allows BCE to customize your event. We’re interested in YOU!

Needs Assessment Questionnaire

What to take to your next committee meeting
  • Burnette's Biography:  Go to the "Meet Burnette" page and print the page by selecting "print" from your browser's menu.
  • What Others Have Said About Burnette's Programs:  Go to the "Testimonials" page and print the page by selecting "print" from your browser's menu.

Press Photos
High Resolution Photos of Burnette.
Quality jpg file for use in your print media.

Download .zip file of photos

Script to introduce Burnette Clingman
Ready to Read Script.

It’s easy to introduce Burnette to your audience. We’ve already written a script for you!

Introduction Script for Burnette Clingman

Room & Audio Request
To assure your event is a resounding success, please provide the following:
  • Microphone: Cordless or leveler
  • Podium
  • Platform. Required only if Burnette will not be speaking on a stage
  • Product Display Table. A table covered with a white linen table cloth, placed near the entrance door of the room where Burnette will be speaking, staffed by a designated person to assist Burnette for booksigning.

Additional requests:
  • BCE wants your audience fully engaged in listening. Please do not have Burnette speak in conjunction with a meal, or while banquet staff are clearing tables.
  • No video or audio taping is allowed unless written permission is obtained from BCE.

HELP US Make Your Event a Memorable SUCCESS
If there is anything else we can do to assist you in making your event a memorable success, please contact us.

...a powerful approach for making sure there are no gaps in executing your vision for leadership.
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