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Meet the BCE Team
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Founder/President - Management and Leadership Expert
Research and Milennial Generation Expert
Project Management Expert
Mass Communication Expert
Media Communication and Technology Expert
Writing and Content Expert

Burnette Clingman
Founder/CEO - Burnette Clingman Enterprises
Consultant, Trainer, Speaker

Burnette Clingman spent the first eight years of her life in a three-room, shotgun house in the red clays of Albany, Georgia. From these humble beginnings she rose to become a nationally recognized consultant, trainer, speaker and keynote presenter.

Burnette began her professional career in the banking industry in credit collections. She later became one of the bank’s top investment sales representatives, earning her way into the Million Dollar Sales Club. Within two years, Burnette was named Assistant Vice President.

After hearing Burnette speak at the bank’s United Way campaign kick-off, the CEO appointed her as a community spokesperson. This promotion sparked a business ownership idea in Burnette, and she went on to create Burnette Clingman Enterprises (BCE) in 1992. Burnette holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).


Lynzie Knisley
Research and Milennial Generation Expert

Lynzie’s unique combination of expertise includes American History, International Studies and Mathematics. She utilizes this knowledge to help BCE’s clients in discovering and capitalizing on global business opportunities, and anticipating and solving the business challenges that emerge as companies explore foreign markets.

As a Millennial Generation Expert, Lynzie brings a wealth of knowledge to empower and motivate the digital-age workforce, and helps BCE meet the challenge of designing and creating training programs that capture the mind, heart and soul of this new and uniquely talented generation.

Michelle Stauffacher
Project Management Expert

Michelle’s career initially blossomed when she served as a corporate trainer for financial consultants at Merrill Lynch’s World Headquarters. Michelle continued to build her career as a project manager for American Express at its offices in the former New York World Trade Center. While at American Express, Michelle was the recipient of numerous performance awards.

Now an astute business professional, Michelle helps guide BCE as it realizes its own critical business goals. Her expertise and experience as an award-winning project manager helps BCE translate its strategies into action and its objectives into reality.

Ashley Vance
Mass Communication Expert

As a forward-thinking leader in the field of communications, Ashley Vance understands that all communication - verbal and non-verbal - impacts business growth and enables or distracts employees from working as team players. BCE gains insight from Ashley’s exceptional knowledge of how communication affects the realization of goals.

Ashley’s specific expertise includes corporate communication, communication strategies, public relations, quantitative research and intercultural relationships. When serving clients, BCE utilizes Ashley’s talent for relating to diverse groups of people. In 2010, Ahsley was crowned Miss Black Ohio.

Tyrone Williams
Visual Communication and Technology Expert
Tyrone Williams served seven years in the military as a communication and technology specialist. He now creates visual communication with the mindset that we live in a visually intensive society. Tyrone’s past work gave him the foundation to apply current visual communication theories to corporations and other organizations. He relates, “Words and images are not solitary. They are unforgettable modes of communication and can make the difference between a mediocre presentation and one that rises to excellence.”

Tyrone helps BCE communicate to clients how computer technology remains an indispensable element in the business world. “Using computers to create and implement visual communication affords businesses the ability to create more opportunities than ever before” he says.

Alison Bour
Writing and Content Expert

Alison has nearly two decades of experience in the field of copywriting. The variety of assignments she handles includes: magazine features, trade publication articles, corporate executive ghost writing, web content, brochures, newsletters, video scripts, and press and media relations material. Alison also has experience in publication production and management.

Alison has received numerous writing awards from the Cincinnati Editors' Association, the Dayton chapter of Public Relations Society of America, and Sinclair Community College. As a consultant for BCE, Alison brings a plethora of talents and experience that puts BCE on new levels of opportunities.


Chase Bank
"I had heard of Burnette’s powerful skills on the platform and what she brings to an audience, so I came with high expectation. Burnette surpassed my expectation!"

Joey D. Williams
President of Chase, Dayton, OH
Alabama State University

"Burnette, your spirited presentation left no student untouched. The passion demonstrated in your delivery was not only inspiring but contagious. I sat in awe watching as every student sat upright intently listening to your message. Rarely is a speaker able to capture an entire audience, but you were able to skillfully rise to the challenge and almost immediately establish a connection with your audience.

Students have often remarked that it was as if you knew them personally; had stepped into their lives and knew just what they needed..."

Kandis Dararmola
Community Relations & Special Events
Alabama State University
Rockwell Automation Group
"Burnette, your content was right on track and will improve both me and my staff’s sales and customer service. You were amazingly thorough, highly informative, yet intimate."

Luke Peters
Manager of Sales and Service
Rockwell Automation Group
"Burnette Clingman, In a word POWERFUL! It isn’t often that one has an opportunity to witness a speaker with such command of her material, presentation and preparation. I have had the pleasure and privilege of hearing Burnette speak on several occasions. With each opportunity I left the event immeasurably better prepared to confront life’s challenges than when I walked into the room. Burnette has the rare ability to meet you at wherever you are on the journey to a better self and arm you with tools and tactics to take it to the next level."

Barry Ray
Group Manager, Management Development Team
Frito-Lay, Inc.
Wright State University
"I am very proud of you Ms. Clingman; God only gives much to those from whom much is expected.”

Veroncia Njodinizeh
Med Student
Wright State University

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