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Procter & Gamble
"Burnette, I found your presentation to be truly inspiring! You have a rare gift of being able to motivate, challenge, and raise the spirits of individuals and organizations. Be it educational, community or a corporate audience, the skills, knowledge, and passion that you bring to the table are galvanizing!"

Ken Wilson
Associate Director of Global Diversity
Procter & Gamble
Peoria Citizen Committee for Economic Opportunity
"Burnette Clingman shows up at our organization with a message full of energy, enthusiasm and inspiration. She shares key points and strategies that are beneficial in helping our team achieve our organization's mission and vision ." 

McFarland Braggs
Peoria Citizen Committee for Economic Opportunity
"Burnette Clingman challenged our team to create dynamic 'action plans.' These collective plans helped our team develop better programs to reach our desired goals." 

Clairesee Jackson
Chief Diversity Officer
"We, like many companies, are faced with a time of a booming economy but often low moral in our most precious resource-our workforce. Your presentation was not only crucial but also timely. It allowed people to see that they have inside of them what it takes to get ahead and to stay ahead."

Kris Strahorn
Senior Training Analyst
"Burnette Clingman brings tremendous value to our organization. She is both informative and inspiring."

Maria Renna Sharpe
Senior Vice President
"Burnette Clingman, In a word POWERFUL! It isn’t often that one has an opportunity to witness a speaker with such command of her material, presentation and preparation. I have had the pleasure and privilege of hearing Burnette speak on several occasions. With each opportunity I left the event immeasurably better prepared to confront life’s challenges than when I walked into the room. Burnette has the rare ability to meet you at wherever you are on the journey to a better self and arm you with tools and tactics to take it to the next level."

Barry Ray
Group Manager, Management Development Team
Frito-Lay, Inc.
Chase Bank
"I had heard of Burnette’s powerful skills on the platform and what she brings to an audience, so I came with high expectation. Burnette surpassed my expectation! I took a lot out of her message for my own personal and professional growth and I look forward to hearing her again. No one should pass up the opportunity to hear this master of the platform."

Joey D. Williams
Chase Bank, Dayton, OH
U.S. Department of Transportation
"Your experience, knowledge, presentation, and delivery directed our thoughts and actions in a positive way. Through your dedicated training style, we were able to grasp many concepts to problem solving and how to evaluate and cope with day-to-day pressures. Your knowledge and understanding of our needs were right on target"

Jean Comedy
Staff Assistant
U.S. Department of Transportation
Rockwell Automation Group
"Burnette, your content was right on track and will improve both me and my team’s sales and customer service. You were amazingly thorough, highly informative, yet intimate."

Luke Peters
Manager of Sales and Service
Rockwell Automation Group
Wright State University
"I am very proud of you Ms. Clingman; God only gives much to those from whom much is expected.”

Veroncia Njodinizeh
Med Student
Wright State University
Alabama State University
"Burnette, your spirited presentation left no student untouched. The passion demonstrated in your delivery was not only inspiring but contagious. I sat in awe watching as every student sat upright intently listening to your message. Rarely is a speaker able to capture an entire audience, but you were able to skillfully rise to the challenge and almost immediately establish a connection with your audience.

Students have often remarked that it was as if you knew them personally; had stepped into their lives and knew just what they needed..."

Kandis Dararmola
Coordinator, Community Relations & Special Events
Alabama State University
Michigan State University
"Burnette Clingman's expertise, dedication and willingness to help us with ethnic-student retention made our conference a success. Without the assistance and support of committed persons like her, the struggle to retain these students would be much more difficult."

Murray Edwards
Director of Cultural and Academic Transition
Michigan State University
"Burnette, SoBran want to thank you and your team for the outstanding performance in the assessment and analysis of Team SoBran... The manner in which all BCE's services were provided was an outstanding display of commitment in action. BCE's poise, energy, and professionalism was manifested in each element and action performed."

Amos Otis
Procter & Gamble
"Burnette, we'd like to thank you again for the outstanding and powerful message you delivered at the P&G Purchasing Event. We were confident in choosing you for the event and you definitely exceeded our expectation with a big explanation point on the end."

Jim Miller
Team Manager of NAPD Logistics Purchases

"Burnette, Thank you for such a great presentation! Let's talks soon about your next visit to DIAGEO."   
Dr. Danielle Robinson
HR Director of Diversity and Early Career

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